About your instructor

Bryan has been involved with the oriental arts of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, meditation, Shiatsu, philosophy and martial arts for over forty years.

He has a wealth of experience and passionate interest in the ideas, principles and concepts that underpin those practices and has committed much of his life to understanding and training their deeper aspects.

His early experience as a Kung Fu instructor eventually led him, by a series of fortuitous connections, to train in various styles of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. He also completed a 3 year Diploma course with the British School of Shiatsu, graduating in 1994. He has trained for many years under internationally recognised teachers of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and various bodywork systems.

After much searching, in 1994 Bryan discovered his final teacher, Master John Ding, 6th generation Yang style Tai Chi First Disciple lineage holder. He trained under Master Ding’s personal supervision and tutelage for 15 years, becoming a senior student and instructor. He was for many years a regular contributor of articles on Tai Chi and Chi Kung in the international magazine Tai Chi and Alternative Health.

Returning to his Lancashire roots, Bryan founded the Northwest Tai Chi school in 1998 to promote the practice of traditional Yang style Tai Chi.

tai chi instructor

Bryan Nuttall

Bryan’s teaching incorporates his breadth of experience, his integrated depth of understanding core principles and concepts, with the wisdom of oriental philosophy and – essential to all good health – a light-hearted sense of humour.