The Northwest Tai Chi school was founded by Bryan Nuttall in 1998 in order to promote the practice of Traditional Yang style Tai Chi in the Northwest of England, initially under the guidance and influence of his Sifu, Master John Ding. Master Ding is a sixth Generation Yang master and first disciple of Ip Tai Tak, a world authority on Yang Style Tai Chi.

We offer high quality tuition in all aspects of Tai Chi from Chi Kung, meditation, Yang forms, advanced forms and methodology, to weapon forms. We teach the traditional weapons: sword, sabre and spear, as well as fan and walking stick/cane forms. At Northwest Tai Chi we cater for all abilities and reasons for learning.

Initial focus is on mobility, co-ordination and stability of both mind and body. Practice develops into co-ordinated strength and power, increased mental focus and increased self-awareness. You learn at your own pace. Prior knowledge or experience is not necessary, although we can also cater for advanced and experienced students. Classes are taught in a relaxed, informal style.

We have classes in Preston (Ashton and Penwortham), Thornton, Ribchester and Wrightington, with affiliation to other Northwest area classes.

The core curriculum consists of three parts: simple Tai Chi style exercises and meditation; Tai Chi Form (slow, continuous movement patterns); and optional two person practice to assist understanding.

Each class is tailored to the appropriate ability of the students. Workshops and specialist Sunday classes are also available to increase and deepen individual practice.

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