English Short Form

……..was the name given to a hybrid form by Master Jifu  Huang, student to the Yang Master, Chen Man Ching.  He developed the form for two reasons: one being the weather in England is not always conducive to practising outside and secondly he observed English people had an aversion to practise in public spaces.  As a result, he devised this form, which can be practised in a fairly small space indoors, from the Yang style and the modern Beijing 24 step.  

Over the years of practice, I modified this form to reflect the methods and teachings of my master, John Ding, sixth generation Yang master.  This form includes most of the main Yang form postures. 

Although simple to do, it is still challenging enough for more experienced practitioners. 

Here are videos, to support your learning in class, of the full English Short Form.  It is in 5 parts for ease of learning, together with running commentary.

  1.  Beginning to Single Whip


2.  Single Whip to Strum the Lute


3.  Strum the Lute to Single Whip


4.  Single Whip to Golden Rooster


5.  Golden Rooster to Close