Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes in Lancashire

Preston, Penwortham, Wrightington, Ribchester & Thornton (nr Cleveleys)

“The greatest revelation is stillness.”


NB No class on 4 and 6 May.  All other classes running as usual.

Private tuition available.

What is Tai Chi?

Gentle, movement flowing with some hidden, natural rhythm, as though in harmony with the very universe – a mystical balance of mind, body and spirit…

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Local Chi Kung

At Northwest Tai Chi, our Chi Kung practices develop from simple, standing meditation postures to basic, slow, relaxed, easy to follow movements…

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Northwest Tai Chi

The Northwest Tai Chi school was founded by Bryan Nuttall in 1998 in order to promote the practice of Traditional Yang style Tai Chi…

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Relaxed and informal classes with an instructor of over 40 years’ experience.

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Tai Chi Forms

Tai Chi Form is an instantly recognisable aspect of Tai Chi, a continuous sequence of moving postures, sometimes expressed as

English Short Form

  English Short Form ........was the name given to a hybrid form by Master Jifu  Huang, student to the Yang Master, Chen Man Ching.  He developed the form for two

Health Benefits of Tai Chi

What are the health benefits of Tai Chi? Tai Chi is a complete practice. It is a training method

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